Topographical Survey - A Virtual Site in Moments


Long Range Terrestrial Laser Scanning

Long range laser scanning using the Riegl VZ series 3D laser scanners takes long range to a new level. With ranges from 400 meters to 6 kilometers the VZ series allows surveyors to collect unprecedented amounts of topographical data.

Along with the 3D point cloud data high resolution imagery is collected and automatically stitched to the data to create realistic color views of the area of interest. The VZ series can work in urban environments and mountainous terrain alike in all weather conditions. They are also extensively used in continuous mining monitoring and survey. 


Mobile Laser Scanning

Mobile Laser Scanning with the Riegl VMX series 3D laser scanners brings the high accuracy that Riegl is known for to the mobile domain. Each system comes equipped with multiple scanners, cameras, a GNSS, and IMU. These systems can be attached to any moving vehicle such as a car, train or boat to collect huge volumes of color point cloud data.

The VMX series is a robust system for all weather environments and makes data collection over large areas fast and simple.